WINDHAGER Wood Pellet Boilers Made In Austria
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Windhager is known for high quality boiler technology made in Austria. They have a reputation spanning 90 years for excellence in manufacturing. Windhager is a leader in Biomass, Gas, Oil and Solar Thermal technology. The company has the goal to be sustainable and environmentally responsible in their manufacturing.

Downloads of PDF product brochures are here at the link on Windhager's website.

Windhager calls their boiler pellets "liquid wood". Here is their description:
"Pellets are standardized, small cylindrical rolls comprising 100% natural wood residues (wood shavings, sawdust, etc.). The dried wood residues are ground and compressed into wood pellets under high pressure using special presses. No binding agents or additives are required, and neither are they permitted. Manufacturing wood pellets from dried wood shavings takes about 1% of the energy contained in the fuel, or about 5% when moist sawdust is used. The "liquid wood" therefore has the best energy efficiency of all fuels." 

Windhager Biomass Boilers reduce carbon emissions and promote renewable heat technologies. These modern wood pellet heating systems are designed and manufactured in Austria. The boilers are very highly efficient, low emission, and competitive in cost of operation.

Installing a Windhager BioWIN