Radiant Design & Supply, Inc. uses tekmar programmable thermostats and mixing reset controls in hydronic systems. Tekmar promotes the benefits of energy savings, comfort, system reliability, convenience, and cost effectiveness.
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The 40 minute video below introduces the tekmarNet® Designer Series thermostats. In designing your system, Radiant Design & Supply, Inc. will select the best thermostat for your application. In the video, the similarities and differences between the three models are discussed in detail.

The life span of your radiant heating system and comfort of your home is increased with balancing temperature swings and equipment cycles using tekmar Programmable Thermostats. The thermostat displays are designed to be attractive and easy to read. Outdoor reset and indoor temperature feedback combine to fine-tune the water temperature in the system, accounting for changes in the weather as well as variations of internal heat gains in each zone. Integrated System Controls operate the entire system in unison. The operation of multiple zones is coordinated to provide a steady, more efficient load on the boiler. Contact us at this link TO BUY.

Tekmar has a webinar series on snow melting on their Youtube channel, beginning with this video.