WHAT WE DO - Radiant Heating Products & Plans

We manufacture and supply ThermoFin extruded aluminum heat transfer plates for hydronic radiant heating. We are energy specialists and appropriate technologists with over 30 years of experience.

We supply all you will need for hydronic radiant heating, including boilers, planning, and pre-fabricated system build-ups. See the PRODUCTS tab at the top navigation bar for some of the major brands we carry.

We examine your project and do what's right for you. One size does not fit all. Contact us to discuss the specific needs of your project. 


WE provide innovative and effective energy production and conservation solutions. Floor plans sent to us are best saved as .dwg or .dgn files.

CAD design & modeling

Microstation & AutoCad compatible • Radiant floor layout & design • Control schematics - wiring diagrams • 2D mechanical schematics • 2D mechanical room layout • 3D mechanical room modeling

Heat loss/gain Calculations

Manual J • Annual heat loss • Annual heating/cooling cost projections

Solar Thermal Design

System sizing • Performance modeling • Economic analysis • Solar mechanical system design • Domestic & commercial hot water • Space heating integration • Pools & spas

Solar Electric Design

System sizing • Performance modeling • Economic analysis

Custom System Pre-fabrication

RADIANT DESIGN & SUPPLY manufactures pre-fabricated hydronic heating & cooling systems for individual projects. Custom systems contain the major mechanical and control components and are pre-piped, pre-wired, pressure tested and shop built for easy installation on site. Mechanical equipment rooms can be pre-planned in scaled 3D CAD models and the mechanical system custom fabricated to fit the installation. At this link are photos showing system kits that were designed for the application – custom built, pre-wired and pressure tested, ready for installation.


RADIANT DESIGN & SUPPLY sells, distributes, and creates hydronic heating systems with first quality components and installation supplies. Check out some of our most popular product lines
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Our patented, extruded aluminum heat transfer plates have set the standard for performance in radiant floor and radiant panel heating applications. ThermoFin C and ThinFin C are installed under the sub-floor. ThermoFin U is installed on top of the sub-floor and is used in creating heated walls and ceilings.


Return bends are used to produce pre-engineered radiant floor heating systems with ThermoFin U. We produce these plywood components of medium density overlay plywood. This flat, high-tolerance, quality plywood holds fasteners and uses waterproof, phenolic formaldehyde-free and heat-resistant glues. Plywood return bends have grooves cut to the last thin ply to provide routing for radiant tubing. We recommend that you purchase the plywood sleepers installed between the ThermoFin U plates from your local building supplier. Installation details are on our page for ThermoFin U at this link: "ThermoFin U Heat Transfer Plates and Return Bends"

Below are informational slideshows from the RADIANT DESIGN & SUPPLY Youtube channel.  Click on each image to start the video. Visit the channel for more.