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For our patented, extruded aluminum heat transfer plates for radiant heating, go to the THERMOFIN pages of our website for ThermoFin C, ThinFin C, and ThermoFin U. ...Read More

Vitodens 222-F

Vitodens 222-F

Viessmann High Efficiency Boilers
Radiant Design & Supply chose to be a distributor for Viessman because of their historic research and development reputation in the heating industry. The Viessmann Group is one of the world's leading manufacturers of heating and renewable energy systems, including high efficiency boilers.
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Radiant Design & Supply is a distributor for Velocity Boiler Works, makers of Crown Boilers. High efficiency condensing boilers have many benefits. The RAPTOR model is a condensing, heating, and combi boiler with world class fire tube design.  95% AFUE ... Read More

In Radiant Design & Supply's mechanical system designs and fabrications, we work to select the best and most appropriate component products that the world has to offer. We select manufacturers that provide the most appropriate technology as well as the best products and customer support. ... Read More

Webstone has been an industry leader in the plumbing industry since the 1950's, with a reputation for high standards in quality and innovative design. More detailed information is in the PDF brochures and videos on our Webstone page. ... Read More

Radiant Design & Supply, Inc. uses tekmar® programmable thermostats and mixing reset controls in designing hydronic systems. Tekmar® promotes the benefits of energy savings, comfort, system reliability, convenience, and cost effectiveness. ... Read More

Radiant Design & Supply, Inc. supplies ventilation products from RenewAire. Ventilation is very important in your home, especially as more buildings are constructed to be airtight. ... Read More

Brochures in PDF format and photos of Electro Industries system build-ups are on our page at this link. ... Read More


Radiant Design & Supply, Inc. is a distributor of Rinnai tank-less hot water heaters. ...Read More

Each of the brands below that we represent are linked to the company website. Contact Us for more information.

Join copper, stainless or black iron pipe fast with Viega ProPress® and Viega MegaPress® systems. Viega is the only manufacturer to offer press fitting systems in multiple materials.

Multiaqua leads the industry in hydronic, simultaneous heating and cooling technology; offering small tonnage heat recovery chillers and cooling only chillers complimented by our ducted and ductless water fan coils. www.Multiaqua.com